Trump says U.S. will cut aid over the migrant caravan

Migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador say they’re fleeing poverty, persecution and gang violence. The caravan is now estimated to include more than 7,200 migrants, and more are expected to join on Tuesday, potentially pushing the number past 10,000.

They started out on their journey from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, traveling across Guatemala and into southern Mexico. A similar exodus in April with 1,500 migrants reached the U.S. border, and 250 migrants applied for asylum.

Drone footage shows caravan of migrants in southern Mexico.

Masses of Central American migrants arrived in southern Mexico on Oct. 21 on their journey to the United States.

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What’s going on in the grainy video of migrants Trump tweeted?

President Trump and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) cherry-picked a video of Honduran migrants. Then they used it to float unfounded conspiracy theories.

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CNN’s SE Cupp weighs in on President Trump’s tweet claiming that „criminals and unknown Middle Easterners“ are among the thousands of Central American migrants traveling in a caravan bound for the United States.


‚This is the biggest caravan in the history of caravans‘

Roughly 5,000 Central American migrants walk through southern Mexico toward the U.S. border. Here’s what a few have to say about why they’re traveling north.

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